How often have you been sitting in traffic, or stopped at red lights, and taken a look around you? No doubt you will see many cars adorned with business logos, slogans and contact details. Why? Because vehicle signage works. Great advertising not only makes a great impression, but a lasting one, and having your branding trawling the streets every time you pop out is a sure-fire way to be seen over and over again.
Do you have vehicle signage for your business yet? If not, here are three ways vehicle signage benefits your business that are worth considering:

1. Creative addition to your branding campaign

You can spend thousands on social media promotions, website advertising and traditional media sponsorship, but these methods are transient. While there certainly is value here, unfortunately, your brand can easily be forgotten in the sea of competing interests. Vehicle signage provides a more stable, longer-lasting impression that backs up other advertising methods and brand recognition. You can get creative in the way you present yourself to the real world, with options in vehicle signage to suit every aesthetic or budget. Anything from an eye-catching full-car wrap, one-way vision signs for windows, or a more simplified removable magnetic panel will imprint your brand into the minds of every passerby.

2. Bang for your buck

In terms of value for money, vehicle signage is king. For one outlay (which, in the scheme of thing, is pretty minimal), you have a highly-effective advertising medium that will pay dividends for years. You can potentially get thousands of impressions per day simply from going about your usual business – how great is that?! If you are a business that relies on being out on the roads a lot, such as a cleaning company, plumber or delivery service – even better. The more you travel, the wider your reach. Customers love local companies, so vehicle signage promoting your service will guarantee customer calls.

3. Good for your street cred

Well-designed vehicle signage has the added benefit of positioning your brand as one to trust. By taking the time to adorn your car with your logo and details, you appear more professional and committed to your business. This can help boost your reputation and credibility within your local area. Customers will also feel they know you and your brand better as time goes on. Be very aware of how you interact with people when you are in your branded vehicle, as it is not just the artwork they will be looking at. As a business, you represent your company at all times, so enhance the street cred effect of your decorated car with polite, friendly and helpful interactions throughout the day.

Getting your branding on your vehicle is simple. First, start with engaging a graphic designer to lay out the look and work out the dimensions. They should be able to piece together a mockup so you can get excited about how amazing it will look. Next, your signage is printed and expertly applied to your vehicle – nothing to do on your part but wait patiently until it is time to show off your newly branded vehicle!

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