The problem with business cards is that it’s practically rendered useless once it’s thrown away. To avoid this, you want to create something more than just your business name and contact number. Your business cards should to be something your potential clients want to keep. That way, even if they end up forgetting about you after weeks or months, your trusty business card tucked away in their wallet or stuck on their fridge door will be the wonderful reminder that prompts them to get in touch with you.

So, the next question you might ask is, ‘what are some creative business cards that people want to keep?’

Here are 5 creative business card ideas to get you started – but bear in mind, it’s all about mixing and matching that capture and reflective your individual business:


Sometimes all you need is a crisp, rich, and bold design that clearly conveys your business’s message and brand image. Minimalism is about scraping away the excess and leaving behind only the tender and juicy parts that make your business shine. Simple isn’t easy though. This is why you need to strategize what you want included on your card and what doesn’t need to be there: e.g. logos and business names are a must, but other details like your business address may just end up taking up valuable space.


We’re flipping the tables here. Minimalism is great, but a maximalist approach is recommended especially if you’re in the creative industries. Maximalist business cards with pops of colour and outstanding designs serve as opportunities to boast and show off a business’s unique flair. This is never an excuse to skimp on clarity and easy-to-read typography, so be strategic about striking the balance between eye-catching versus simply overwhelming.


Embossed business cards have raised features in their design – this gives off a modern 3-Dimension look and adds different textures to an otherwise flat and smooth business card. It involves pushing or pressing a design from the other side to elevate a design that stands out. Even though embossed designs can be quite subtle, these fine touches add another layer of sophistication and brand appeal for anyone who first lays eyes on them – they might even do a double take, so you know you’ve got their attention!

Sprinkle in a bit of Humour

If it fits in with your brand image, don’t be afraid to get a little experimental with your angle using good humour. It’s a great way to be remembered and makes your business appear more approachable to the average person. It could even be fascinating enough that they’ll want to share it with their family, friends, and co-workers – talk about free marketing?

Get Interactive

Take your business card game to the next level by incorporating folds, slides, or rips as part of the business card design! You can make your business card prop up or stand on its own through a bit of folding or encourage rips along dotted lines that are part of your business’s message you want your clients to remember.

It’s no easy pill to swallow when you see your business card (which you’ve worked so hard on) thrown away – it’s time to get creative and outside the box when it comes to creating the perfect business card for you.

These 5 examples are some, but not all, of the most engaging and interesting business card design ideas that go above and beyond the traditional way of including a simple business name and number.
If you feel like you need a leg up in getting started with your business card designs, get in touch with our creative experts and see the amazing work we can create for you.