Julie-Anne Lambourne

CEO at EnViZion Group LTD

Julie-Ann Lambourne is Torres Strait Islander woman descending from Mabiaug Island and Darnley Island.

Julie-Ann is Chief Executive Officer of enVizion Group Inc, an Indigenous-owned and operated business in Cairns that specialises in the delivery of development programs. enVizion was established in January 2013 and has grown to assisting up to 500 people in 3.5 years.

Julie-Ann has a wealth of experience with over 20 years in the State and Federal Government in education, employment and training portfolios. Julie-Ann has also worked in the Social Services sector in homelessness, social services and youth. Julie-Ann’s experience includes community development, social engagement, mental health skills and management skills which have translated to the development of programs within the framework of community and individual capacity building for the future.

Julie-ann is a founding member of enVizion and was motivated by her commitment to delivering better and more creative programs that have the impetus to propel people into a future that allows the individual to identify and commit to.

Julie-ann is passionate in development Indigenous businesses and leaders; and working with disadvantaged people to overcome adversities